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High and Low Volume Production for PA and OH


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Plastic Parts USA is your trusted and reliable source for fast, consistently manufactured, high-quality, precision plastic injection molding components in the United States. Focused in the Pennsylvania and Ohio regions, we offer U.S.-based thermoplastic, insert molding, rotary molding, and over molding capabilities for both high and low volume production.

Whether you’re looking for a long-term partnership or short run production, our expertise in every aspect of the manufacturing process starting with design and engineering, material selection, to mold building and tooling, to prototyping delivers consistent, reliable, and repeatable part production. Plastic Parts USA is the efficient, affordable solution to your custom PA and OH plastic injection molding projects.


Precision Plastic Injection Molding for a Variety of Verticals

Our certified manufacturing facilities offer a diverse range of precision injection molding capabilities. We carefully consider the best materials, tooling, and molds to meet strict industry requirements spanning a variety of verticals and end-uses products.


Thermoplastic molding

Create fully functional parts by injecting resin into a pre-made mold with pin-point accuracy. This process delivers ready-to-use components with pristine surface finishes, perfect for rapid production prototypes or full production runs.

Insert molding

Insert molding reduces time, resources, and costs with this process of parts in one process integrating metal, ceramic, or plastic parts into a plastic injection mold resulting in a structurally stable, complete component.

Rotary molding

Rotary molding is best suited for small complex shapes. This process of heating resin inside a rotating mold creates hollow, one-piece plastic parts has short cycle times with high productivity.

Over molding

Over molding is a cost-effective process of using plastic injection molding to produce multi-layered, textured parts using a variety of different resins with unique properties. Different from insert molding, over molding combines two parts into a single, complete component without the need for additional adhesive.

Why Choose Plastic Injection Molding / Why Choose Plastic Parts USA


Plastic injection molding is ideal for companies looking to produce high-quality, repeatable parts that adhere to stringent mechanical requirements

Plastic Parts USA is your efficient, reliable manufacturing source for PA and OH plastic injection molding. We offer the benefits of technical aptitude, custom design and engineering, and competitive pricing backed by exceptional customer service and support. Our extensive range of capabilities saves our customers time, resources, and money by offering:

  • Quick turnarounds (for low volume runs)
  • Quick mold change-over
  • Large-scale mold transfer
  • Manual loading for low volume runs
  • Robotic automation loading for high volume runs

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